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The Best Kruger Park Safari

Photo of silhouette giraffe head against setting sun in Africa.
Travel in Africa can be many things, but a safari is the continent’s best and most unique experience. And it doesn’t even have to be expensive. This may change soon. Classic African wildlife encounters will eventually only be found in the largest nature reserves. Ever more people will want to…

Lomsdal-Visten National Park

Norwegian nature at its best. River in Lomsdal-Visten national park.
If you want wilderness, Norway is a great place to seek it. Everyone knows this. And yet, most visitors to Norway go to the same few places, where the wilderness can be surprisingly full of people. Preikestolen. Trolltunga. Jotunheimen. Lofoten. There’s nothing wrong with that, of course. And it certainly…

Hiking the Lycian Way

View from the Lycian Way near Alinca
The Lycian Way is Turkey’s most famous long-distance hike. According to the Internet, it’s a 500+ kilometers long fascinating mix of stunning coastline, olive groves, rustic towns and ancient ruins. Having walked the even longer Camino de Santiago across Spain and the even hotter Via Francigena through Italy, I was…

Escape from Benidorm

Europe, Road trip, Spain
Rough weather with rainbow in Altea on Spain's Costa Blanca.
Sometimes you may feel like you’re trapped in tourist hell, but it’s usually easy to get out of it. Just walking a few blocks will often help a lot. Other times you will have to find the bus station or rent a car and just go. Imagine yourself in that…

Life on planet Benidorm

Europe, Spain
The colorful concrete jungle of Benidorm.
I went to Spain last April, and somehow I ended up staying for a few days near Benidorm. It’s a place I’ve heard absolutely nothing nice about. Rumor has it that while you may be able to lure the tourists there out of Benidorm, you can never take the Benidorm…

Hiking Quebrada de Humahuaca

Photo of colored rocks in Maimares, Argentina.
Argentina’s north-west is off the radar for many international travelers. Chile’s famous Atacama desert is nearby, to the west, and just north of here is the popular Salar de Uyuni. When people have seen those, most will head north towards Peru, or fly back to home and/or civilization. That’s okay,…

Buddhists, boats and Luang Prabang

Asia, Laos
Stairs leading up to Wat Jom Phet north of Luang Prabang, Laos.
Laos is famous among travelers as that funny country where you can go tubing on a river and get stupidly drunk for cheap. Fortunately, there are other and better sides to Laos. A good reason for visiting Laos is the city Luang Prabang. It feels like a village, but has…

Myanmar – Easy to Lake

Asia, Myanmar
Inle Lake sometimes feels like an ocean.
After Bagan and Yangon, the most popular tourist destination in Myanmar is probably the relatively remote Inle Lake. The main town, Nyaung Shwe, is a great place to base yourself, whether you just want to be comfortable or you want to explore the “real” Myanmar. I’ll show you some of…

Winter in Trondheim

Welcome to Trondheim
Trøndelag is the least visited part of Norway. It’s far enough to the north to be cold and have an unstable climate, yet it’s too far to the south to offer reliable northern lights. It doesn’t have the dramatic fjords, mountains or islands of western and northern Norway either. But it…

Worst Amusement Park in the World

Entrance to Beijings Happy Kingdom
What is the worst amusement park you know? There are many strong contenders out there, but to me there’s no real competition. The Beijing Shijingshan Amusement Park in China’s capital puts every rusty Eastern European ancient carousel collection to shame. I’ll show you why. The current slogan of this park…