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One Day in Bergen

Europe, Norway
Photo of the rooftops of Bryggen, Bergen.
There are so many different angles you can approach this city from. To have a great day in Bergen, you can do exactly the things I am going to tell…

A Trip to the East Coast

Europe, Norway
Photo of glacier in Mohnbukta, Svalbard.
Some places on Svalbard you can just go and see, as long as you possess and know how to use a snowmobile and a rifle. Then there are other places,…

The Temple of Vroom

Europe, Norway, Safari
Photo of Templet mountain at Tempelfjorden, Svalbard, seen from Fredheim.
I love going to Tempelfjorden. I went four times in as many weeks, that’s how much I like it. Only basic snowmobile driving skills are required. If I had to…

What to see in Longyearbyen

Europe, Norway
Photo of Hiorthfjellet from Longyearbyen, Svalbard
Describing Longyearbyen without just listing all the usual stuff is a challenge. Everything amazing and spectacular has been covered elsewhere, so many times. Instead, I offer a few everyday sights…