Bjorn Free? What is this place?

Our planet is wonderful.

We may just be borrowing it from our children, but right now the Earth is right here for us to admire. We were all born free to explore what we have around us, and my first name is Bjørn, and thus did come to exist.

I don’t blame anyone for choosing not to travel. There are many reasons to stay put wherever you are. Some reasons are unselfish, others are not. Still, I would argue that going out and having a proper look at the qualities of all the people, animals and landscapes of the world, will most likely lead to positive outcomes.

This site is mainly about nudging you towards good and responsible ways to see the world. I know it can be a tough balance to achieve. Traveling can impact the world in unfortunate ways, but so can staying at home. It’s all about how and why you do whatever you do.

I hope all that I show you on this site makes sense. Under the “About” menu label I’ve put a few things that may help you understand where I’m coming from.

There’s a quick presentation about myself, there’s information about how and where you can reach me, and there is an honest attempt at answering certain questions that people often and naturally ask me.

If you’re interested in traveling and you’re here to be entertained and informed, I believe you’ve come to the right place.

Please. Come travel with me.