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An Arty Day in Oslo

Art, Europe, Norway
Crop of Bridal Party in Hardanger, a painting at the National Gallery in Oslo, Norway.
Oslo was my home for more than a decade, and I still live nearby. If you want advice on visiting the city, you could do worse than listening to me. Occasionally I’ll give you tips about Norway’s capital, and today I bring you a couple of art museums. If you’re…

Gifted Children

Students at the Kim Jong Suk Higher Middle School for Gifted Children.
Hey, just a quick note: I am fully aware of the ethical issues involved when going to North Korea. This article is not about those, but about a visit to a more or less normal school, which resulted in what I believe was a positive and relatively authentic experience for…

On Long Walks

Early morning on the Camino de Santiago.
Hi. My name is Bjørn, and I’m a walker. When I first began traveling, I would focus on well-known highlights. If I went to Paris, I basically saw the Eiffel Tower, Louvre and Montmartre. Bangkok was the Grand Palace, a couple of other temples, and Khao San Road. Egypt? The…

Carretera Austral – The Way South

The Carretera Austral, Ruta 7, just north of Cochrane, Chile.
Chile offers an incredible variety of scenery. This thin straw of a country stretches all the way from Antarctica in the south to hot desert at its northern end. Inbetween we find forests, mountains, fjords, glaciers, beaches, fertile river valleys, lakes of every color, and hundreds of islands. To help…