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One for the Road

This book wants to make you more adventurous and confident when you travel on your own.

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What is it about?

It’s about traveling alone on three different journeys. None include lazing on a beach. These are trips you go on to learn both about the world and about yourself.

  • On trip 1 we travel though Patagonia and almost accidentally end up visiting Antarctica.
  • On trip 2 we see Southern Africa partially alone and partially as a group of strangers on an overland trip.
  • On trip 3 we stretch a journey on the week-long Trans-Siberian Railway to a full month through Russia.





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More about the book

Starting Out

In which a cyclone gives the book as well as a number of tin roofs in Fiji a flying start. There’s a lot of screaming, but in the end everything turns out just fine. As it almost always does.

Later we learn how the author is surprised by how he ends up traveling the world, after first going through a childhood in which travel was no joy. Before we take off in the first real chapter, we discuss whether traveling  really can serve any purpose. (Spoiler: It does!)

The Beach

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