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Coolest Hotel Ever

Photo of the Icehotel room A Night At The Theatre, Jukkasjärvi, Sweden.
We’re in Lofoten, surrounded by spectacular scenery, when the American we brought along suddenly demands to be taken to Sweden, to a curiously named place near Kiruna; Jukkasjärvi. To visit an ice hotel, of all things. Apparently it’s on a bucket list, which means there’s no way around it. Bucket…

Into the West

Photo of mountain road in Hemsedal, Norway.
With somewhat limited options because of the coronavirus situation, it’s time for another domestic road trip from Oslo across the mountains to Norway’s west coast. In Vestland county there’s always another narrow road you haven’t noticed before, which will bring you to a place where rocks and water meet in…

Fjords and Birds

Photo of small boat in Fjærlandsfjorden, Norway.
Traveling abroad is not an ethical option this year. Luckily, Norway offers access to many world-class travel experiences. I’ll show you a five day road trip, a total of 1,700 kilometers of driving, taking us from Oslo to the north-western fjords and back. Spoiler: It is great! After an hour…

Costa del Cold

Europe, Norway, Road trip
Photo of Skippergaten, a street in Stavern, Norway.
This July road trip between Oslo and Kristiansand could hardly be any more different from the one we did back in March, when we traveled through Lofoten. Instead of  being frozen while surrounded by magnificent rough scenery, we’ll follow a trail of cute and touristy seaside towns taken straight out…

One Day in Addis Ababa

Africa, Ethiopia, Tips
Photo of Lion of Judah monument in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Up until last decade ago, “no one” went to Ethiopia. This has changed, thanks to an easy-to-get eVisa, the rise of Ethiopian Airlines, and a unique range of natural wonders and ancient rock churches. Ethiopia now gets about one million international tourists per year, except when a global pandemic is…

Winter in Lofoten

Europe, Norway, Road trip
Photo of main road E10 through Lofoten, Norway
The islands of Lofoten receive a massive tourist crowd every summer. If you go in the winter instead, you’ll be part of a much smaller herd. You’ll find the same views, only whiter, colder and only for a limited number of hours per day. This is the Arctic, after all.…

For the Wien

Austria, Europe
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Photo of Schloss Schönbrunn seen from the south-west.
I usually don’t haste through a city, unless forced to do so by crime statistics. Any city and even most towns require a lot of time to understand and fully enjoy. But sometimes one day is all you have, and you have better make the best of it. Here are…

A Winter Visit to Polar Park

Europe, Norway, Road trip, Safari
Photo of walking lynx in Polar Park, Norway
Travel a bit around Norway, and you’ll find it impossible to miss the incredible scenery. These pristine landscapes are of course also full of mostly shy wildlife. Go hiking in the right areas, and you may experience some animal encounters. On a road trip, however, you can drive around for…