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This is where flaws in the book outside the three main chapters are corrected. If there are any particular news regarding the book's or this Web site's impact on the world, I will list them here. If you have spotted any errors that I haven't yet, please advise me!

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23. February 2008: Nothing much, but at least this site is open to visitors!

Comments and corrections

I use page numbers from the paperback and the PDF with the full contents of the book to pinpoint where corrections or comments need to be made. If a mistake is bad enough, I'll also make an effort to correct it directly in the files I make available for downloading.

Page 27
In the paragraph ending with "Some of that may have been swearing, in which case I sincerely apologize to my Polynesian readers.", I twice make the mistake of branding the people and language of Fiji as Polynesian! They are of course Melanesian, and that's a completely different thing.

Page 91
The second to last sentence on the page should read "Seriously annoyed now, the glacier hit back with all it had, and calved off a disturbingly large mass of ice." I should be ashamed of myself!

Page 167
In the last paragraph I write "His people suffers badly from HIV, draughts and starvation, ..." While this may be somewhat true, I of course meant to say that they suffer from droughts, as in a periods of dryness that cause extensive damage to crops, leading to food shortages. Most embarrassing, especially since I don't even drink alcohol, so I can't possibly have been thinking about draught beer.

Page 199
I claim that Brett "... downed a bear..."! He most certainly didn't. What he refreshed himself with was a beer. Again, I have no idea how that happened, as I'm not a beer drinker, myself. My sincerest apologies go out to all bears in Africa.

Page 369
In the third paragraph I write "This, in turn, will lead to annual Christmas cards and a free coach to stay on in London two years later". Oach! That should of course read "couch". How embarrassing!


A big thank you to those who have helped me debug the text:

- Alon Hershenhorn, Israel
- Barbara Davoust, Toulouse, France
- Sophie Ramsay, Sophieland, Scotland