Travel Tips

I wrote the book not only to entertain, but also to share my travel experience with others. I'd like to add more advice here on the Web site, where I can keep it updated. Here's how it works:

I've got a blog. Whenever I come up with something I think you guys should know about travelling, I'll post it there and link to it with a headline from here. Sometimes I'll just come up with something. Other times I will be so happy with my reply to an e-mail with questions from one of you people out there, that I decide to share it with everyone through the blog.

Relating to malaria

23. March 2008: It's a big issue, probably bigger than you think. There's a real chance you may not want to take antimalarial drugs. Follow the link, and find out for yourself.

Dealing with snoring

6. April 2008: As we all know, if there is anything related to low-budget traveling there is reason to fear, it is that you're running the risk of ending up in a dormitory where you're exposed to monstrous nocturnal noise escaping the nose and throat region of a fellow traveller. Click the heading above and let me tell you how to deal with it.

Traveling alone

9. May 2008: Possibly some words of encouragement for those of you who wonder if it is a good idea to travel alone. (Hint: I think it is.)

Going on long hikes

23. June 2009: I've done a few long hikes in the wilderness throughout the last few years (the Inca Trail, the Overland Track, the Jotunheimen Trail and others). This is where I share some information with you regarding this kind of traveling.