My World

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Higher resolution copies of all photos are available upon request. These photos can be used freely for any non-commercial purpose as long as I'm credited and you tell me about it. If you want to use any of my photos for commercial purposes, please get in touch. I won't be difficult. #8D)

Main Exhibition
Three sets, each belonging to a chapter in the book:

Bonus Photos
Taken on more recent trips. Many photos are accompanied by a short story or a comment:

  • Europe, West (2004)Bath in the Alcazar, SevillaMünchen, Bayeux, Lisboa, Faro, Seville, Cordoba, Gibraltar, Luxembourg, Bruxelles
  • Madeira (2005)The steep hills of MadeiraFunchal, Pargo, Valley of the Nuns, Abra
  • Brazil (2005)River boat on the AmazonAmazonas, Brasilia, Pantanal, Foz do Iguacu, Florianopolis




















Cameras used:
Until Rhodes 2005, Sony Mavica MVC-CD300
Since East Europe 2005, Sony Cybershot DSC-H1
Since Norway 2008, Sony Cybershot DSC-H50B
Since Troms 2011, Sony Cybershot DSC-HX100V
Since Ireland 2014, Sony DSC-HX400V